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Most of these cartoons have achieved classic status in our minds, as part of our childhood and our memories. The classic Disney shorts are what brought many of our favorite Disney characters into our lives. These are the official Disney Shorts series from the classic period. You will occasionally see shorts in one series you might expect to see in another- Don Donald is surprisingly classified as a Mickey Mouse short, even though Mickey does not even appear in the short! Have fun as you look through the many series of shorts produced by The Walt Disney Studios, and find out who the people are who made these great cartoons.

Walt Disney Studios Shorts Theatrical Cartoon Series Cartoon Series:

Armed Forces Shorts   (1941-1945, 77 Theatrical Cartoons.)

Figaro   (1943-1947, 3 Theatrical Cartoons.)

Humphrey Bear   (1956, 2 Theatrical Cartoons.)

Lafflets   (1922-1923, 8 Theatrical Cartoons.)
Alternate Series Title: Walt Disney’s Lafflets

Newman Laugh-O-grams   (1921-1922, 1 Series.)

Related Cartoon Series:

Alice Comedies
  (1924-1927, 57 Cartoons)

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
  (1927-1929, 51 Cartoons)

Walt Disney Studios Shorts Theatrical Cartoon List :

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