M. J. Winkler Productions Studio Logo

Founded by Margaret J. Winkler in 1921 when her boss Harry Warner encouraged her to take on a states-rights distribution deal with the fledgeling Fleischer Studios Out of the Inkwell series. She soon became one of the key figures in silent animation history, and stood alone as the only woman in a field completely dominated by men.

M. J. Winkler Productions Studio Directories Cartoon Series:

Alice Comedies   (1924-1927, 57 Theatrical Cartoons.)

Krazy Kat   (1925-1929, 95 Theatrical Cartoons.)

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit   (1927-1929, 51 Theatrical Cartoons.)

Toby The Pup   (1930-1931, 12 Theatrical Cartoons.)

Related Cartoon Series:

Felix the Cat
  (1922-1928, 154 Cartoons)