Headed by Steve Krantz, the studio primarily made animated films and television shows. Working closely with Grantray-Lawrence Animation, Krantz Films took over on Spider-Man when GrantRay Lawrence went bankrupt in 1967.

Krantz Films Studio Directories Cartoon Series:

Rocket Robin Hood   (1966-1969, 153 Episodes.)
Alternate Series Title: Rocket Robin Hood and His Merry Spacemen

Spider-Man   (1968, 39 Episodes.)

Related Cartoon Series:

Grantray-Lawrence Animation
  (1957-1968, 238 Cartoons)

The Marvel Superheroes Show
  (1966, 196 Cartoons)

Max the 2000-Year-Old Mouse
  (1967, 1 Cartoons)

  (1967, 40 Cartoons)

Krantz Films Studio :