Frederator Studios Studio Logo

Founded by ex-Hanna-Barbera Cartoons/Cartoon Network president Fred Seibert in 1997. Originally little more than the animation production house for Nickelodeon, Frederator Incorporated expanded its focus to artists who create, develop and write their own stories and characters.

Frederator Studios Studio Directories Cartoon Series:

Adventure Time With Finn & Jake   (2010, 143 Episodes.)
Alternate Series Title: Adventure Time

Ape Escape   (2008, 1 Series.)

Cartooи Haиgover   (2012-, 47 Series.)
Alternate Series Title: Cartoon Hangover

Fanboy & Chum Chum   (2009-2011, 68 Episodes.)

My Life as a Teenage Robot   (2003-2008, 77 Episodes.)

Random! Cartoons   (2007, 40 Web Cartoons.)

Shorty McShorts' Shorts   (2006-2007, 14 Episodes.)

Related Cartoon Series:

  (1998-2005, 152 Cartoons)

The Fairly OddParents
  (1998-, 236 Cartoons)

Megas XLR
  (2004, 26 Cartoons)

Oh Yeah! Cartoons
  (1998-2002, 98 Cartoons)