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CBS, or Columbia Broadcast Service, is one of the three original radio and, later, television networks in the United States. With the rapid growth of television in the late 1950's, and a equally rapid need for hours of programming, the studio purchased Paul Terry's TerryToons Studios. Not only did this give the network much needed children's programming immediately- TerryToon had a catalog of over 1000 cartoons- but it gave them an in-house animation studio for the networks future.

CBS Productions Studio Directories Cartoon Series:

The Astronut Show   (1965, 19 Episodes.)

Captain Kangaroo   (1955-1984, 40 Episodes.)

CBS Cartoon Theatre   (1956, 1 Series.)

Deputy Dawg   (1960-1963, 102 Episodes.)

Garbage Pail Kids   (1987, 1 Series.)

The Heckle And Jeckle Cartoon Show   (1956, 1 Series.)

The Hector Heathcote Show   (1963, 20 Episodes.)

  (1971, 1 Series.)

Mighty Mouse & The Mighty Heroes   (1966, 22 Episodes.)

Mighty Mouse Playhouse   (1955-1967, 4 Episodes.)

  (1988, 13 Episodes.)

CBS Productions Studio :