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Television audiences got their first glimpse of Mighty Mouse when his theatrical shorts were broadcast on CBS under the title Mighty Mouse Playhouse in 1955. CBS- having just purchased TerryToons and it's extensive cartoon catalog- was eager to fill hours of programing time. The TerryToons purchase filled the bill nicely.

The show was an instant hit with the kids and ran a remarkable 12 years. Originally broadcast in black and white, the show transitioned to color in 1965 when all the network's shows made the color jump. The show presented three Mighty Mouse cartoons and a short from one of TerryToons bevy of other characters, including Heckle and Jeckle, Dinky Duck and Gandy Goose. Terrytoons produced new wrap-around animation for the series, featuring tenor Roy Halee as Mighty Mouse singing the opening theme.

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